by Xiang Yiwei


The project’s requirement was to build a high-rise residential area on an abandoned raw tobacco site block in Ljubljana, and some of the buildings have been transformed into functional buildings with educational purposes, such as art galleries and training schools. Therefore, according to the surrounding environment and function, I made a lot of public areas with different functions in the lower foors, such as indoor workshops, bookstores, etc. Outdoor provides a lot of communication places such as large lawns, large steps, public tables and chairs, Sports venues, etc, to serve residents as well as surrounding students, teachers and artists.
Inside the apartment building, I used a combination and 3d intersection of various types of units to enrich the family typologies. The orientation of the apartment is based on the range of sunlight and the surrounding landscape’s view. In my opinion, for apartment buildings, the balcony is an indispensable semi-outdoor space, and many real-life cases may remove or reduce this element for some aesthetic reasons, and in this scenario, I turned the balcony into a the most prominent symbol, while meeting the functional requirements, greatly considers the aesthetic factors.

这个设计的要求是在斯洛文尼亚首都Ljublijana的一个废弃烟草工厂地上新建一个由高密度电梯公寓所组成的小区。 地块上有些工厂建筑已经被改造成具有教育功能的场所,如艺术馆,培训学校等等。因此根据周围的环境以及不同的人群,我在小区底层部分加入了相应的功能,如:室内workshop,书店等等。室外则提供了非常多的交流空间,如大量草坪,室外大阶梯,公共桌椅,运动设施等等。


The balconies are the most distinctive feature of the project
I insert some oriental park elements like bridge and water
to make the public space more vivid
Some lodging types are of two floors with big curtain wall involving the beaty of Ljubljana