by Xiang Yiwei and Zhang Yi


This is a skyscraper competition that I have just finished recently. Skyscrapers are often seen as independent beings in the city. In most modern cities of China, the image of the city is made up of skyscrapers, gradually, isolating the people’s life. In order to break this situation, we would like to create a project of integrating into the city.
Chengdu, situated in the southwest of China. Inspired by the concept of the chinese landscape city (mountain and river), we aim to create the more natural scene and an open space for the public. Nowadays, the Chinese economy is experiencing a shift from manufacturing to technology, research, marketing and finance. It means that the city center will become a place that attracts young entrepreneurs who require more frequent face-to-face communication. Everyone has a strong demand for social, lifelong learning and various potential business investment cooperation. The form of new work style is also a challenge to traditional office space.

这是我刚刚完成的摩天大楼竞赛。 摩天大楼经常被视为城市中的独立物体, 在中国的大多数现代城市中,城市的形象由摩天大楼组成,逐渐地隔离着人们的生活。 为了打破这种局面,我们想创建一个融入城市的项目。
成都,位于中国西南部。 受中国景观城市(山地和河流)概念的启发,我们的目标是为公众创造更自然的场景和开放空间。 如今,中国经济正在经历从制造业向技术,研究,营销和金融的转变,这意味着市中心将成为一个吸引需要更频繁的面对面交流的年轻企业家。 每个人都对社会,终身学习和各种潜在的商业投资合作有着强烈的需求。 新工作方式的形式也是对传统办公空间的挑战。

Based on this background, we intend to create a more effective space for work and communication, and we also hope to create a more open and friendly public space for citizens. Our project is located next to Taikoo Li, the most popular shopping area in Chengdu. The surrounding transportation infrastructure services are also completed and the area is also easy to arrive.

基于这样的背景,我们打算创造一个更有效的工作和交流空间,我们也希望为公民创造一个更加开放和友好的公共空间。 我们的项目位于成都最受欢迎的购物区太古里旁边。 周边的交通基础设施服务也已完成,很容易通勤到达。

The context of the street surrounding is neat and regular, so we consider to maintain the regular exterior street profile, the space inside will be full of variety. The green skin plays a role in isolation and it also offers green space for the public park, which brings better atmosphere of nature for citizens. In order to develop the healthy habit for people, exercising everyday, we also put paving slabs on the circulation path in the park to convert energy from people’s footsteps into small amounts of electrical power for buildings.

街道周围的环境整洁而规则,所以我们考虑保持规则的外部街道轮廓,里面的空间则更加丰富多样化。 绿色表皮起到热隔离作用,它还为公园提供绿色空间,为公民带来更好的自然氛围。 为了养成人们的健康习惯,每天锻炼身体,我们还在公园的循环路径上放置电流平板,将人们的脚步能量转化为建筑物的少量电力。

The ground floor is a big city park which welcome all the citizens to come in and have their good time of the day, not like many other Chinese CBD or Residential areas that are closed from outside forming a enclosed urban island
The facades along the streets are very regular keeping armonic with the city street space, but inside of the area we utilized the shape of the curve to allienate from the surrounding buildings enhancing the feature of the park
In the center there are two shallow pools, with small waterfalls featuring the entrance of the underground public space.
The underground space is also open to the public with many free tables and positions which can provide the people space to sit, work, study or chat , around the central part are the restaurant and caffe bars. The space is vivid also due to the reflection of the water above.