by Xiang Yiwei


This is my first design in my freshman year and is a villa project. Located in a swamp in the north of Venice, the water often rises. The project base has an abandoned school structure, and we need to transform a villa on this basis. Due to the rising water, I made the ground floor overhead, made a public open space, and placed the villa’s indoor volune on the first floor, and set up an overhead corridor at the periphery, which is a great platform for residents to feel the outdoor scenery.

这是我在大学一年级的第一个设计,是一个别墅项目。 位于威尼斯北部的沼泽中,水位经常上涨。 项目基地有一个废弃的学校结构,我们需要在此基础上改造别墅。 由于水位上升,我在地面上做了一个开放的室外空间,并没有放任何的室内空间以免涨水时被水淹没,将别墅的室内空间放在二楼,并在周边设置了一个高架走廊,是一个绝佳的观赏室外风景的平台。

The ground floor is an open and overheaded space to avoid the water rise
The elevated corridor is a good platform for the surrounding views