My name is xiangyiwei 向屹威, I am from Sichuan, China. In 2012, I went to Venice IUAV for four years of undergraduate architecture education. In 2016, I came to Milan Politecnico di Milano to continue the postgraduate course and graduated in april 2019 with the score of 110+lode and the average score of 29. Since I came to Italy and initially faced language barriers, I had to spend a lot of time to study on my own, but it also gave me more skills than my peers, and because of my oriental educational background, I and my European classmates have different collisions of thoughts, which makes me develop some more unique insights about the design.

我的名字是向屹威,自中国四川。 2012年,在威尼斯建筑大学IUAV进行了四年的本科建筑教育,2016年,我到米兰理工大学Politecnico di Milano继续研究生课程,并于2019年4月毕业,毕业得分为110 + honor/110,平均分为29/30分。由于我来到意大利面临的语言障碍,我不得不花费比当地同学更多时间自学,但它也使得我能够获得比很多同龄人更多的技能,而且由于我的东方教育背景,让我和我的欧洲同学产生了很多不同的思想碰撞,这也间接让我形成了很多对设计的独特的见解。